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Aspira Continuing Education

Whew, this was a doozy. The old AspiraCE website was written in ASP with an MS SQL back-end. I rebuilt the site for WordPress, updated the design, and made it responsive. I improved several user actions on the site, like the course search above, by implementing AJAX calls instead of using GET variables.

Aspira Individual Course

I added social sharing buttons to the individual courses, and added a content toggle to make sure the action buttons stayed "above the fold" for most screens.

Aspira Approvals Map

Below the fold, we added an interactive map to display state approvals. My colleague David used Mapbox.js for this and it turned out way better than I imagined.

Aspira Units Status

I added several visual indicators around the site for the user. The Unit Hours Status appears both on the user's myCourses page and on all online store pages so the user never accidentally buys more than what they need. Also, on the login panel on the right I added a box that tells the user what course they last worked on or passed.

Aspira Login Panel

I made full use of Velocity.js for expanding / collapsing the main menu and the login panel. The result is buttery smooth sliding.

Aspira Course History

Aspira Certificate

Once the user passes a course, they can dynamically generate a PDF certificate for the course with their information. This feature was also on their old site, but I rebuilt it in PHP using FPDI.