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Boyd and Company Construction

This project was a real treat because of the design budget. We didn't have the limits we usually have on projects, so we were able to spend extra hours perfecting the CSS and optimizing things. There's a beautiful background video on the home page, and making the navigation menu look nice on top of it was a lot of fun.

Boyd and Company Home Page

One of the requests unique to this client was the addition of a stock ticker to the site's header. I had no idea if we could deliver on this request, but it turns out we found a pretty good WordPress plugin that did the job. After activating it, it was just a matter of adding the right CSS to make it consistent with the rest of the header.

Boyd and Company Divisions Section

Our designer did a great job with the Divisions section on the home page and came up with the whole concept for the hover effect. The individual Divisions pages are equally beautiful.